Vasectomy is the best solution for sterilization and a “normal” sexual life

Vasectomy is the most effective and cost-effective sterilization technique for men and it is associated with a very low morbidity. In the United States more than 500,000 men undergo vasectomy each year. The objective of the surgery is to prevent sperm migration from the testes, where they are produced, to the seminal vesicles, where they enrich the semen. Although this contraceptive technique is common and well accepted across the world, it is still not accepted in Italian culture and many Italians still look for more complicated, expensive contraceptive techniques, the results of which are clearly inferior to those achieved with vasectomy.

What does vasectomy involve and how is it performed?

The surgical technique involves the isolation of the vas deference and the removal of a part of it. Vasectomy is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia or monitored sedation. Visually, the patient will notice a small scar at the scrotum (less than a centimeter) and complications are insignificant.

Vaso-vasostomy (vasectomy reversal)

The technique for reversal of vasectomy consists in re-anastomosis of the two extremes of the vas deferens, separated during vasectomy. It is performed on a “day surgery” basis with the help of a microscope, and results depend on several pre- and intra-operative factors, the success rate reaching about 70%–90% in skilled hands.


The complications of vasectomy and vaso-vasostomy are mild and local. They include inflammation, presence of hematoma, and scrotal pain; all complications are manageable with oral anti-inflammatory drugs, local ice (not in contact with skin), and use of a scrotal suspensory.

Cryopreservation of semen.

Cryopreservation is an effective solution for patients (and families) doubtful about the intervention. It involves delivery of semen to any laboratory with facilities for cryopreservation. Frozen semen maintains its characteristics intact for years without any change in its quality.

Vasectomy Where?

In Italy, I can perform visit and vasectomy under local anaesthesia in different places: Milano, Padova, Rome, Napoli and Sicily but also in Barcelona (Catalunia, Spain) and in Malta. I can perform both (visit and vasectomy) the same day in order to avoid “logistics complications” and to facilitate patients.

Vasectomy Costs

Costs may change depending from differnt factors: city, clinic, terms of payment, realization of both visit and vasectomy the same day or two different moments, insurance, anaesthesia and so on. Costs of vasectomy may range from 1.000 to more than 1.600 euros.

Dr. Marco Cosentino

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